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Outpatient clinic

Outpatient clinic

2017 2021-04-15

Tips for the outpatient procedures


1. For first visitors who have no idea which clinic should choose can go to the service center for help.

The service center are located on the 1st floor of Building 1.


2. Registration.

Let the registration office staff know which clinic is your choice, pay for the registration charge and get the registration sheet and the medical record book.

The registration office outlets are located on the 1st floor of Building 1.


3. Waiting for consultation with the doctor.

After registration, go to the clinic (whose location is printed on the registration sheet) and have a little rest at the waiting area before your number is pronounced. Produce your Patient ID card and the medical record book when your consultation with the doctor begins.


4. Getting check-ups

Laboratory tests or other examinations are usually needed in the diagnostic process. Follow the directory signs to go to the location printed on check-up form to get the check-ups, after paying the fee at the cashier's office.


5. Making payment.

Produce the check-up form or prescription sheet, together with your Patient ID card, when making payment at the cashier's office, whose outlets are located on the 3rd to 8th floors of Building 1 together with those of the registration office.


6. Getting the check-up reports.

For some check-ups, the reports will be handed over to the patients shortly after the check-ups are made. For some other check-ups, a blood test for example, the reports will not be immediately available, and the patients are required to get the report sheets at the help-yourself print machines located on the 2nd Floor of Building


7. Getting the medicine.

After paying the money for the prescribed medicine, go to the dispensary on the 2nd Floor of Building 1, find out the window on whose screen your name is displayed, produce your Patient ID card and get the medicine.


Follow the doctor's or the pharmacist's advice to take the medicine.

Special out-patient flow during the COVID-19 pandemic