Research & Education


The hospital is the first batch of national-level TCM resident doctor standardized training base, with outstanding teachers. There are 370 clinical teachers with secondary senior or higher position, 870 doctoral degrees, 6 doctoral supervisors, and 66 master supervisors.There are 23 national senior TCM experts and academic experience advisors, famous TCM doctors at the national and provincial levels, 1 provincial special expert, and 18 experts with special government allowances from the State Council. The hospital attaches great importance to foreign education exchanges and cooperation. It is the cooperative hospital with the Keck Medical Center of university of Southern California, friendship hospital with Affiliated Hospital of the University of Siena(Italy) and Nary Hospital of Rome(Italy)friendly unit with Dongshin University and Kyung Hee University, and sister hospital with the Taipei Medical University Hospital, partner institutions with University of Hong Kong of Chinese Medicine Faculty.


The hospital has complete teaching facilities and excellent equipment. In order to improve the teaching conditions furtherly, the hospital has established a new clinical medical simulation center, covering an area of 393,0 square meters at Xianlin campus. The center currently has more than 100 models of training equipment, including more than 10 imported models. There are 20 skill training rooms, 12 standardized clinical skill test rooms, 2 classrooms and 2 discussion rooms, which can better meet the needs of training and strengthening of doctors and interns about basic knowledge and skills of Chinese and western medicine.