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A Brief Introduction of Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang province


Tongde Hospital of Zhejiang Province directly subordinating to the Health Commission of Zhejiang Province is a Class III Grade A hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. It is a national key integrated Chinese and Western medicine hospital and a national key traditional Chinese medicine research academy. The hospital has forged partnerships with Keck Medicine of University of Southern California, Affiliated Hospital of Siena University and Nary Hospital of Rome (Italy), Dongshin University, Kyung Hee University, Affiliated Hospital of Taipei Medical University and University of Hong Kong of Chinese Medicine Faculty.

 Covering a total land area of 440,000 square meters, Tongde Hospital has Cuiyuan, Tianmshan Road, Xianlin, Zhijiang and Qingshanhu 5 campuses, with 2,100 beds, 53 clinical departments, 51 wards, 125 specialty outpatient departments and 10 research institutes.

Currently, Tongde Hospital owns a professional medical team, with more than 3,600 employees. Among them, 460 hold with senior professional titles, and 870 have master’s or doctoral degrees; there are 23 national senior TCM experts and academic experience advisors, famous TCM doctors at the national and provincial levels, 1 provincial special experts, 1 provincial young & mid-aged experts with outstanding contributions, 21 members of the “Provincial 151-Talent Project”, and 18 experts receiving special government allowances from the State Council. 

The Hospital is equipped with 5 CT, 4 MRI, 2 DSA (multifunctional digital subtraction angiography), hyperbaric oxygen chamber, HD endoscope, molybdenum target, blood purification machine, flow cytometer, high performance liquid mass spectrometer, automatic biochemical analyzer, pulmonary function test apparatus .

Tongde Hospital was awarded many honors, such as "State-level Civilized unit", "National Outstanding Org. in Health system", "National Advanced Home of Staff", "National Youth Civilization Pioneer", "Advanced Unit of Democratic Management ", "Zhejiang Civilized Unit", "Provincial Labor diploma", "Zhejiang Green Hospital",and "Provinical green and secure Hospital. Meanwhile,Tongde also takes on the responsibilities of medical security for underdeveloped and remote areas, emergencies and major national events.