Probation Teaching Tasks for International Students

6808 2021-01-01

On the afternoon of October 26, six students majoring in nursing from Hangzhou Normal University came to Xianlin campus of our hospital for clinical probation of psychiatric nursing. Xu Dong’e, Director of the Nursing Department, completed the whole clinical nursing probation teaching task in fluent English.


The first stop, they went to the psychiatric ward. The international students were full of curiosity and expectation for the clinical nursing of the psychiatric department. Director Xu explained in detail of the safety precautions before entering the psychiatric ward, such as maintaining a one-meter safe distance between nurses and patients, the tone of communication, the use of body language and self-protection.


In the ward, Director Xu Dong’e led the international students to visit every aspect of the environmental and safety management of the mental specialist ward, especially the independent passage of employees and patients, the access code and access control card, the emergency call bell of the toilet, the explosion-proof glass of the nursing station and the access control management, window setting limiter, ward bedside call bell for touch instead of pull button, bathroom door panel deliberately set head and foot exposed and body part concealed protection, etc., all settings and management are around the mental professional staff safety and patient safety and privacy protection.


Director Xu Dong’e also led the international students to visit the psychosomatic ward and the Department of Mental Rehabilitation. Everywhere they went, the international students listened attentively, observed and asked questions at the same time, with a strong atmosphere of interaction between them.


Seeing that the nurse in the ward's activity room was leading the patient's chorus, the health education video was played on the TV, the patient in the ward was sorting out the personal wardrobe, etc. The students were all praised the self-rehabilitation care plan for the patients in each ward.


The international students came to the comprehensive treatment room of traditional Chinese medicine in the psychiatric ward, and they were even more curious when they saw the nurses were carrying out rehabilitation nursing for patients with appropriate traditional Chinese medicine techniques. With the consent of the patient, Director Xu introduced the patient's condition and the application and curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine nursing technology, which aroused the great interest of international students in the characteristic nursing of traditional Chinese medicine of the Department of Psychiatry.


The last stop was the Mental Rehabilitation Department. When the international students witnessed the sand table treatment and saw that each patient was so involved in the training of life skills and labor skills, they all gave the thumbs up.


The full three-hour nursing clinical trainee lectured by Director Xu Dong’e, the students all said that they had gained a lot and exceeded the goal to complete the internship. They also appreciated the safe, comfortable, clean and tidy environment in the psychiatric department of our hospital and look forward to more opportunities to come to our hospital for clinical internships in the future.